Aloo Palak Recipe | How To Make Aloo Palak | Palak Aloo Recipe

  • 5 years ago
Aloo Palak Recipe. .Aloo palak is a very easy and simple recipe with a combination of cubed potatoes and chopped spinach cooked with masalas and red dry chillies. Serve this subzi hot with rotis or parathas. there are many ways of making aloo palak and here is one delicious version. this is not a dry version. this aloo palak has the consistency of palak paneer. in this recipe, the spinach is pureed instead of being chopped. for the dry version, you can check this dry aloo palak ki sabzi.
this aloo palak recipe is similar to the way i make palak paneer. the potatoes are boiled first and then added towards the end. the dish pairs well with roti, paratha or naan. even good with some steamed rice or cumin rice. i had made parathas and a side onion-cucumber salad to go with it.

Aloo Palak Sookhi Sabzi is prepared with very less ingredients but it taste super scrumptious and can be prepared instantly.


Spinach Half KG
Tomato 1
Green Chilli 2
Onion 1
Potato 3
Turmeric 1/4
Chilly powder 1 Tbs

Heat oil in a pan add Onion Fry for 2-3 Mints, and add Tomato, Green chilli cook for 2 mints, Then add spices cook for 1 mint After that add potato cook for 2-3 mints now add Spinach Cook for 3 mints now add 1 glass of water lid on it cook for 10 mints in a Low flame,

Serve this hot with chapattis, rice.

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