JetBlue AirWays Announces Plan to Become Carbon-Neutral

  • 4 years ago
JetBlue AirWays Announces
Plan to Become Carbon-Neutral.
JetBlue recently announced its plans to become
the first carbon-neutral airline in the United States. .
The company said they will begin offsetting CO2 emissions
from jet fuel on domestic flights beginning July 2020. .
This will be done through projects such as forestry conservation,
landfill gas capture and the creation of solar and wind farms. .
In total, these efforts will reduce a reported 15 to
17 billions pounds worth of emissions each year.
According to Robin Hayes, JetBlue CEO,
the change is being made in an effort to
reduce the airline industry’s negative
contribution to global warming.
Air travel connects people and cultures,
and supports a global economy, yet we must
act to limit this critical industry’s contributions
to climate change … We reduce where we can
and offset where we can’t, Robin Hayes, via statement.
Hayes also said that it would
prepare JetBlue for the “lower-carbon
economy” that aviation is heading for.
as it currently causes two percent of all carbon emissions,
with that number expected to rise in the coming years. .
Carbon offsetting is a bridge to, not a silver
bullet for, a lower carbon future. Reducing
and mitigating our greenhouse gas emissions
is a fundamental aspect of our business plan
and our mission to inspire humanity, Robin Hayes, via statement