Cultural events, ceremony held in Jeju to celebrate 'Month of Culture'
  • 4 years ago
October is culture month in South Korea, encouraging people to find time to enjoy diverse arts and activities the nation has to offer.
A special ceremony to promote Culture Month took place on Saturday on the southern island of Jeju.
Our Lee Min-sun was there and files this report. Make cultural activities part of your everyday life in your region. That's the aim of this year's culture month and culture day.
The month of October is designated by the South Korean government as a month of culture to celebrate everything that makes the country unique. And the third Saturday of the month is designated as a cultural day.
Commemorative events are held in cities dotted across the country to raise public interest in regional culture. This year, the event is held on South Korea's southern resort island of Jeju, a popular holiday destination for locals and foreigners alike.
The grand celebration ceremony takes place on an outdoor stage along the Sanjicheon stream with a giant moon symbolizing the ceremony's theme. Despite chilly autumn air, hundreds of Jeju residents, visitors and government officials attended Saturday night's ceremony.
"Culture has the power to make people happy and a country stronger. This ceremony in Jeju will serve as a medium to make culture available to everyone no matter where they live, and establish a more regional-based focus on culture."
Elements of fire and water, which symbolize the island s geological character, is the main stage effect. Performances incorporating Jeju's folklore and unique culture make full use of the natural settings.
Some of Jeju's best-known tourist attractions in the old town are the backdrop for culture day events that run through Sunday. A usually quiet street is bustling with an international flavor of music, dancing, and laughter. For those wanting a souvenir, visitors can also get their caricature drawn.
"The Chilseong-ro shopping arcade in central Jeju was once home to old, empty stores, but it's now a cultural experience space called moonlight playground. Visitors can pop into different stores offering art exhibitions, craft making and more."
Along with cultural performances and hands-on experiences for visitors, artists and residents also gather for debate sessions to share their experiences and discuss ways to incorporate regional characteristics into their work.
Visitors from ASEAN countries also joined the event ahead of next month's special Korea-ASEAN summit in Busan.
However, the fun isn't limited to Jeju, events celebrating October - the month of culture in South Korea -- are also taking place in 17 cities nationwide.
Lee Min-sun Arirang News, Jeju.