Patriotic cultural events held to mark April 19th Revolution

  • 5 years ago
4.19혁명 재현한 문화공연 행사

There was also a reenactment of the events of 59 years ago here in Seoul.
The organizers of this and other commemorations want to raise awareness among locals and foreigners.
Won Jung-hwan reports.
59 years ago, there was one of the most profound examples of the student power of the late 20th century.
To mark such an important turning point in the nation's history, northern part of the capital city held various cultural events for the public,… showing what the April 19th revolution really meant for the country.
"Just like the protest behind me, students back in the 1960 took to the streets, demonstrating against election rigging, and demanding the nullification of the election results."
The parade that replicated back in the days marched along the street,... waving the national flag and urging for the need of democratic freedom.
The demonstrations, which was a purely voluntary resistance movement by the students and the citizens against the government in 1960,... showed the public how the waves of outrage spread throughout the country, eventually triggering the revolution.
While this year marks the 7th anniversary of the event,… mayor, who organized this since the beginning, expressed his bigger hope to share with the world.
"What we really hope for the April 19th revolution is to be register among the other UNESCO's world heritage records. It has already passed the government's evaluation, and we are just waiting for it to be apply for the world's record."
In fact, the organizers have invited foreign students from the Korea University to raise global awareness on how the students from their university bravely stood up against the then-government.
Group of students read the records what happened in the past and visited the national cemetery where those who were killed, injured in the line of the revolution are buried.
"I am very proud of them at such a young age to involve in such a big incident in Korean revolution. Because for me, at my age, I don't think I will be that brave to be engaged in this revolution.'
"It's a bit daunting like even we read in the letters of students sending to her mother, and that was so crazy that passion and selflessness that sacrifice have to take."
The government ruthlessly suppressed the demonstrators by declaring martial law and firing live weapons at the unarmed protesters,... causing nearly 200 deaths and more than 6-thousand injuries.
But finally students and citizens toppled the dictators and caused the formation of a new government,... proving that the sovereignty of the country belonged to its people just like today.
Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.