Homemade Chocolate Donuts recipe by MJ's Kitchen | with English subtitles

  • 5 years ago
Homemade Chocolate Donuts recipe by MJ's Kitchen | with English subtitles

Today's recipe is very yummy Chocolate Donuts,

to make donuts we need:

750 gram all purpose Flour,
2 Eggs,
2 tbsp Butter,
1½ tbsp instant Yeast,
1 tsp Salt,
4 tbsp Milk Powder,
4 tbsp Icing Sugar,
Warm Water for kneading,
& Oil for Frying,

- Put flour, Salt, Milk Powder, icing Sugar, Yeast, eggs & butter in a shallow tray.
- Mix them dry with hand.
- Now knead it with warm water,
- I'm using water for kneading because I used milk powder in it, if you don't want to use milk powder, use liquid milk instead of water for kneading.
- Once dough is kneaded well, transfer it to the bowl, greased with oil.
- Cover it and let aside for 1½ to 2 hours for rising.
- Sprinkle dry flour on the counter, flat the dough.
- Cut with donuts cutter or any round shape pan or glass.
- Now let it aside for ½ hour for double proofing.
- Heat up the oil & fry these until golden brown at medium to low heat.

for frosting of donuts we need:
½ cup Milk Cream,
1 cup Dark Chocolate,
for decoration I take:
colored sprinkles,
Jellies (I chopped them in small pieces)
Candies (small, medium mix)

- Put cream & chocolate in a bowl & microwave for 1~2 minutes.
- Now take a donuts dip half in chocolate.
- Garnish them with sprinkles, jellies, candies etc.

- our yummy chocolate donuts are ready,
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- Recipe video here: https://youtu.be/XPUguQrvTrg

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