In Real Life Discusses Dating Fans and The Celebrities In Their DMs

  • 5 years ago
In Real Life is on Episode 1 of Hollywire's Podcast BEHIND THE FAME with Tony Moras and Jana Rosenberg! We talk to the guys about it all - relationships, celeb fashion, fans and of course... fame. In a short about of time, the guys of In Real Life went from your regular dudes to pop stars in a boy band. After winning the show "Boy Band" on ABC, the five have been taking the music industry by storm and making it look easy. However... Chance, Brady, Michael Connor, Sergio and Drew tell us that the road to where they are now hasn't been all glitz and glam. The rise to fame is amazing, but a winding road. We discuss romance in the public eye, why celebs date other celebs, other boy bands in the music industry, red carpet events and SO much more. Watch the full first episode of BEHIND THE FAME with In Real Life exclusively on Hollywire. We're gettin' REAL with In Real Life.