California to be plagued with aftershocks from strongest earthquake in nearly 20 years
  • 5 years ago
Officials in Southern California have raised concerns about the possibility of aftershocks following two earthquakes that hit the area last week.

Footage shows the extent of the damage at Ridgecrest, with newly open cracks in roads and debris scattered across neighbourhoods on July 6.

"The 7.1 send us running through the house to get our daughters. I was pretty panicked making sure we didn’t have any gas leaks and water main breaks. It’s just such a very exhausting time," resident John Newton says in the video.

Further footage shows emergency services doing clean-up works and covering a huge crack with cement.

Resident John Davis commented: "I've been through some earthquakes but this one got me shocked up. We've just got to thank god that no one was seriously hurt.''