Layali Lubnan recipe _ Lebanese Nights Dessert Recipe _ No-bake easy semolina pudding

  • 5 years ago
Ramadan/Iftar Special Recipe: Lebanese Nights aka “Layali Lubnan” is an amazingly aromatic dessert that is quite refreshing in the summertime. It is an easy-to-make recipe, amazingly aromatic semolina pudding that is just pleasant. It can be served in small cups/shots or you can lay the pudding in a tray and then cut it into pieces.


Step 1: Milk - 5 cups Semolina (Rava) - 1 cup Sugar - 1/2 cup Rose water - 1 tbsp Blossom water - 1 tbsp
Step 2: Milk - 2 cups lemon juice/vinegar - 2 tbsp
Step 3: Milk - 3 cups Corn flour - 3 tbsp Sugar - 2 to 3 tbsp Rose water - 1 tbsp Blossom water - 1 tbsp Pista (crushed) - 3 tbsp (for garnishing) Cashews - few (for garnishing)
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