Trump battles with Democrats as impeachment chatter grows

  • 5 years ago
U.S. President Donald Trump has lashed out at Democrats after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him of engaging in a cover up.
He held an angry five minute meeting with top Democrats at the White House before heading to the Rose Garden to say he can't work with Democrats until the investigations into him end.
For more on this and other news around the world, let's turn to our Hong Yoo.
So Yoo, tell us more about the growing tensions between the Democrat controlled Congress and President Trump.
Well Mark, it was a dramatic morning for President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as they exchanged insults through media briefings after their infrastructure meeting only lasted for 5 minutes before being halted by the president.
After having finished a meeting with Democrats calling for Congress to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump, Pelosi went to the White House to talk about infrastructure reform.
The meeting was cut short by Trump who said he cannot work with Democrats as they continue a slew of investigations against him.
Trump fired back at Pelosi's accusation that he's engaged in a cover up as he made a surprise Rose Garden appearance.
Let's take a listen to what he said:
"Things are going well, and I said let's have the meeting on infrastructure, we'll get that done easily that's one of the easy ones. And instead of walking in happily into a meeting, I walk into look at people that I just said that I was doing a cover up. I don't do cover ups. You people know that probably better than anybody."
President Trump called the Russian investigation a "takedown attempt" and said he would not work with Democrats on a major infrastructure proposal because of the "phony" investigations they are pursuing in Congress.
Soon after Trump's remarks to the media, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer held their own briefing.
Pelosi called the 5 minute meeting with Trump "very, very, very strange" and "sad".
"This is why I think the President was so steamed off this morning, because the fact is, in plain sight, in the public domain, this President is obstructing justice, and he is engaged in a cover up, and that could be an impeachable offense...So, it's not just the substance that we are after we want to have to give the truth to the American people."
As power struggle between President Trump and Democrats escalates, Pelosi along with other senior House leaders are said to be exploring possible impeachment proceedings against Trump.