India vs Australia 2018-19 : Kohli Should Choose Chahal Over Krunal Pandya For 1st T20I | Oneindia

  • 6 years ago
An Australia in turmoil both on and off the field has made India the firm favourite in the compelling India vs Australia rivalry's latest battle which begins with a T20 International series here on Wednesday (November 21). he significant change for India ahead of this series is the return of skipper Virat Kohli, who was rested for the three-match contest against West Indies at home. In England, the skipper batted at number four, allowing KL Rahul to bat at number three in light of his stupendous form in the IPL 2018. Rahul's current form though is nothing to write home about. He managed only 16, 26 not out and 17 against the West Indies in the recent T20I series. And that could be bit of a worry for the team management.

బుధవారం నుంచి ఆస్ట్రేలియాతో టీమిండియా మూడు టీ20ల సిరిస్‌లో తలపడనుంది. బ్రిస్బేన్‌లోని గబ్బా స్టేడియంలో ఇరు జట్ల మధ్య తొలి టీ20 ప్రారంభం కానుంది. ఈ నేపథ్యంలో తొలి టీ20లో తలపడే తుది జట్టును బీసీసీఐ మంగళవారం ప్రకటించింది.