[ISSUE TALK] Introducing Seoul Defense Dialogue 2018

  • 6 years ago
지속가능한 평화와 한반도 비핵화, 한국과 국제사회의 역할 - 박철균 국방부 국제정책차장 대담

Hello and welcome to another edition of Arirang News Issue Talk. I'm Kwon Jang-ho and it's good to have you with us.
The situation on the Korean peninsula has seen some dramatic developments in recent months, from the threat of nuclear war last year, to now new levels of inter-Korean cooperation. In the midst of all this, now South Korea will be holding its annual security and defense forum in the capital this week. Military officials and experts from all the world will be gathering to take part in the Seoul Defense Dialogue, and there is particularly keen interest this year... many will be wondering how changes in the relationship with North Korea will affect the security and safety in the region.
To tell us more we have with us the deputy director general for international policy, Army Brigadier General Park Cheol-kyun from Seoul's Ministry of Defense.
Thank you for coming on the show today.

My pleasure.

1 - I would like to start with first, if you could breifly introduce yourself as I think our viewers will be curious, and then a little more about the Seoul Defense Dialogue, which you are here to talk about.

2 - Interest in forum from around the world is high. I understand there are participants from 52 nations and 5 international organisations taking part this year. In the first year there were only 15 countries and 2 international organisations. That’s quite a growth. Do you think this shows the importance of the situation of the Korean peninsula to the rest of the world?

3 - I think you will agree this year’s event comes at a particularly interesting time on the peninsula. I think that has been reflected in the title for this year’s event: Sustainable Peace: From Conflict to Cooperation. Can you tell us how events in the past few months have shaped the Seoul Defense Dialogue this year? Has there been an increase in interest because of these events?

4 - Diplomats, by nature, are meant to discuss. But the military is perhaps known more for action rather than dialogue. How important is it still to have these kinds of events, especially with these changing situation on the Korean peninsula, how important is it to share insights and information with our partners and allies?

5 - North Korea was invited to take part in this event during the last military talks that the two Korea’s held. Unfortunately North Korea declined the invitation saying that the two Korea’s need to focus more on carrying out the Panmunjom declaration for now. How much is it a shame not to have North Korea involved, and what do you think it could have been like?

6 - For the last two years China has not been involved because of the dispute South Korea had with China over the issue of the U.S. missile defence system that deployed on Korean soil three years ago. But since then relations have been mended somewhat and now they are back. How significant is that and what do you