N. Korea will not be attending Seoul Defense Dialogue next week: S. Korea

  • 6 years ago
국방부 “북, 전통문으로 서울안보대화 초청에 불참 의사 전달”

North Korea won't be participating in this year's Seoul Defense Dialogue.
A senior official at Seoul's defense ministry said Pyongyang sent a message through a military communication line on August 25th saying it will not be attending the annual global forum.
South Korea had formally invited the North to the event at military talks about a month earlier
According to the official, the regime said in its message that now is not the time to attend an international event, but to work on implementing the Panmunjom Declaration.
This will be the seventh edition of the Seoul Defense Dialogue,... bringing together hundreds of senior defense officials from more than 50 countries and international organizations.
It'll be held next Wednesday to Friday at the Westin Chosun Seoul.