Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe | Veg Cheese Toast On Tawa | చిల్లి చీజ్ టోస్ట్ | Breakfast Recipes

  • 6 years ago
Learn how to make Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe In Telugu only on Variety Vantalu.

When you're hungry and feeling lazy to cook, this Cheesy Chili Toast will be your rescue. Made of Cheese, vegetables, bread this recipe can be made in no time. Do give it a try and share your experience with us in the comments below.

Ingredients for Chili Cheese Mixture:-
4 Cheese Cubes - Grated
2 tsp - Capsicum Finely Chopped
1 tsp - Red Chili Flakes
1 tsp - Garlic bread seasoning/ pizza herbs/ grated garlic
Salt to taste

Ingredients for the Chili Cheese Toast:
Chili Cheese Mixture

Firstly, toast the pieces of bread required for the recipe.
Apply butter on both sides of the toast.
Spread the chili cheese mixture on the bread and press the mixture with the help of a spoon so that it remains intact.
Cut the bread into a triangular shape.
Switch on the pan and keep it on low flame, heat the toast till the cheese melts. Cover it with a lid.
Once it's done, remove it out on a serving plate.

Method for Chili Cheese Mixture:-
In a bowl add grated cheese, capsicum, red chili flakes, garlic bread seasoning. Mix them well.
Add salt to the mixture and mix it again.
Our chili cheese mixture is ready.