Watch: Upcoming Hollywood movies trailers
  • 6 years ago
'The Equalizer 2' is going to hit the box office on July 20. Denzel Washington is back as 'The Equalizer', a man who helps get justice for the oppressed. This time, however, he has to face his dark side when its someone he loves. This is the first time Antoine Fuqua has made a sequel to one of his own movies. Interestingly it will be also Denzel Washington's first sequel. Besides 'The Equalizer' Washington and Fuqua has worked before on 2001's 'Training' and 2016's The Magnificient Seven'. Juliet Naked is released on July 17. The movie stars Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke and Chris O'Dowd. The story was written by Nick Hornsby who also wrote the novels 'About a boy' and High Fidelity'. Both of those books were converted for big screens. Smallfoot is all set to release on September 28. In the movie, a yeti tries to convince the other monsters that human a.k.a 'smallfoots', really do exists. This movie is flipped around as it's normally human who are scared of Yetis a.k.a bigfoots. The release date of Robin Hood is set for November 21. A classic tale of Robin Hood is told in a much more action-packed style. The director was so desperate to have Taron Egerton as the lead star that he actually delayed the film so that he can finish 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' first.