Christmas is coming | Nursery Rhymes | Kids songs | Childrens songs | Christmas

  • 6 years ago
Our channel is back with more preschool ivities set to the tunes of your favorite nursery rhymes, children songs, baby rhymes and kids songs; hand-picked to teach you lovely preschoolers your alphabets, shapes, numbers and other kindergarten lessons.\r
Hey kids! December is here! Do you little toddlers know what is the most fun and exciting part about Christmas? Thats right kids! Its Christmas! Dont you kids love it when your entire house is decorated with pretty lights, when you have a huge decorated tree in your living room and most importantly the presents which are kept underneath it? We love Christmas too kids and we thought that it would be a great idea for you little toddlers to relive the fun and the exciting things you did last Christmas while you wait for Christmas to arrive this year!\r
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