Broadlink S2 wireless smart home alarm security kit

  • 6 years ago
Broadlink S2 specs:

Mobile notification alert
Connect up to 16 sensors per Hub
Siren alarm
Monitor locally thru Wi-Fi
Monitor remotely via the internet
Triggers other Broadlink products
Easy to install
Reconnect automatically to Wi-Fi
History state logs
Broadlink S2 alarm kit can help you to monitor the occupancy of your home by door/window sensor and motion sensor. Any authorized entry will trigger the hub beeping and notify you on the app. It can be also used as trigger engine to automate scenes, for example when motion sensor detects person, turn on the lights.

Broadlink S2 alarm kit contains the host- hub, 433 mHZ motion sensor, 433 mHZ door sensor and key fob remote.

S2 Hub: could connect Max. 16 sensors at the same time.
Door sensor: detects when doors or windows are opened or closed.
Motion sensor: detects the movement within its coverage area.
Key fob remote: simplifies the control of your smart home.
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