Teddy Scares Portrayed by Spongebob

  • 6 years ago
Teddy Scares was Made from AppleHead Factory.
1st. Rita Mortis (She Likes Bullying)
2nd. Abnormal Cyrus (He has a One-Eye)
3rd. Redmond Gore (He's a Voiceless Slasher)
4th. Edwin Morose (Poor Edwin with a Broken Heart)
5th. Hester Golem (He's a Evil Scientist)
6th. Eli Wretch (He Must be a Greeting Card Writer)
7th. Granger Evermore (He's Bend Prison by him own Thought's)
8th. Mazey Podge (She's Kind a Cute!)
9th. Mundy Drudge (He's Just a Frankenstein to Peel the Skin of his Head)
10th. Sheldon Grogg (He's So Sleepy)
11th. Annabelle Wraithia (She's a Ghost Bride to Take her Head off)
Wich Teddy Scares is Your Favorite?