Unfortunate crashes, falls left South Korea without medal in final short track events

  • 6 years ago
After a pretty good start to the events thanks to Hwang and Lim,... a couple of unfortunate accidents ruined the rest of the night for the skaters... and the millions of Koreans watching at home.
In the women's one-thousand meter event,... Choi Min-jeong,... the gold medal favorite accidentally bumped into her teammate Shim Suk-hee,... causing both to fall and crash into the safety padding.
Choi would finish in fourth place,... while Shim was penalized for impeding.
The bad luck continued in the following five-thousand meter relay final.
Lim Hyo-jun fell midway through the 45-lap race and the team was never able to recover,... ending the race in fourth.
Despite FAIL-ING to win a gold on the final day of the short track competitions,... the host nation still scooped six medals in the discipline -- three gold, one silver and two bronze... the most among all the nations competing at the Games.
South Korea's target of eight gold, four silver and eight bronze and a top-four finish in this year's Winter Games won't happen,... as they're currently ninth in the standings with four gold, four silver and three bronze.