The Pro Bodybuilding Mindset (Episode 5) | The Fred Biggie Smalls Show

  • 6 years ago
Training can't help you if you don't THINK like a pro bodybuilder.

In a rare moment of clarity and honesty in this industry, Fred "Biggie" Smalls admits to us a simple but powerful fact - he doesn't always think like a champion pro bodybuilder. In essence, his mind is his biggest enemy. You often see quick interview snippets of pro bodybuilders answer the common question, "Have you been studying your fellow competitors physiques in preparation for the big show?" Most bodybuilders respond no. They do not pay attention to anyone. This is THEIR show. They don't leave room for defeat. They go in with the mindset that they are the best bodybuilder stepping on that stage.

This is an important part of being a champion. It's what allows you to push past perceived limits and accomplish brand new levels of success. As a trainer, Fred Smalls shares this mindset with his disciples. He helps motivate them to believe they can accomplish anything - but his biggest enemy is his himself. In episode 5 of The Fred Biggie Smalls Show, Fred dives deep into fixing his own pro bodybuilding mindset and helps explain what it takes to be a pro for all of you aspiring bodybuilders out there.

It's a valuable lesson that can only be taught through experience and not in some training article or diet advice column. Watch Fred's experience in the full episode above.

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