Meghan Markle Deletes All Her Social Media Accounts

  • 6 years ago
Meghan Markle deleted all of her social media accounts on Tuesday afternoon!Although her social media accounts had been inactive for quite some time, she finally made the decision to unceremoniously delete all of them on Tuesday afternoon.  This includes her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Her social media accounts definitely saw a major surge in followers after she started dating Prince Harry back in the summer of 2016. Since then, Meghan has slowly made the transition off having an internet presence when she first closed down her popular site called The Tig back in April 2017.  Now, everything else social media-esque is gone as she focuses on her big wedding day to Prince Harry on May 19th.No other current royal members, including Harry, Prince William & Kate Middleton, have any sort of active public social media accounts.Meghan’s accounts became popular for a bunch of reasons outside of Harry, as she posted a ton of photos of her yoga routines, sexy bikini shots and pictures with her adorable dogs.  Now, those are null and void as their millions of fans will be looking forward to new photos of the happy couple and what she will be wearing come their wedding day!