Israeli Soldiers Pull Two People Out of Red Crescent Ambulance North of Hebron

  • 6 years ago
Israeli soldiers stopped a Red Crescent ambulance near Halhol, located north of Hebron in the West Bank, and pulled two people out by force on December 13.The two people arrested were two women from the same family, a local news outlet said. Storyful cannot independently confirm this report. Local news outlets later reported they had been released.Demonstrators turned out in the street of Halhol on December 13 to protest the decision by US President Trump to recognize Jersulaem as the capital of Israel.A spokesman for the IDF accused the Red Crescent of Palestine of transporting violent protesters to clashes with Israeli soldiers near Ramallah on December 11. The Red Crescent categorically denied that claim. Credit: Ibrahem Mazen Hammad via Storyful