ISRO to develop small launch vehicle for light weight satellites | Oneindia News

  • 6 years ago
ISRO is planning to develop a small launch vehicle that could be assembled in just 3 days, much less than the PSLV which takes up to 30-40 days. While a normal-sized PSLV takes 30-40 days to be assembled and costs between Rs 150-500 crore, ISRO's upcoming launch vehicle will take just a few days to be built and will cost lesser than PSLV. The launch vehicles will cost one tenth of the cost of conventional launch vehicles and will be much lighter. Explaining the advantage, the scientists said that the money saved could be used to manufacture more such launch vehicles and put more satellites in orbits around the globe. ISRO is betting on a smaller rocket as it sees a global shortage of small launchers and a growing demand for vehicles to take small satellites into space.