Rebels Fend Off Regime Assault in Damascus Suburb of East Ghouta

  • 7 years ago
Forces loyal to the Assad regime carried out several airstrikes in advance of ground assaults on the rebel-held east Damsacus suburb of al-Muhammadiyah on May 18-19 in an attempt to forcibly expel Tarhir al-Sham and other local rebel groups.Syrian opposition media said rebels have repelled any pro-regime gains in Muhammadiyah, while shelling in the area has damaged a number of residential buildings. No civilian deaths have been reported thus far.On May 13, the Syrian military captured the rebel-held suburb of Qaboun, located in the opposition-held East Ghouta District, spurring a series of negotiations which led to the evacuation of approximately 2,000 Qaboun residents, including 800 rebels. The consolidation of Syrian military power over outlying areas of East Ghouta bordering the city of Damascus has led to an increase in air raids and ground operations in other areas of the district, such as Harasta.