Top 5 WORST Movie Plot Twists in Film History

  • 7 years ago
Nothing makes a story more buzzworthy and acclaimed than a well-crafted plot twist. Unfortunately not all twists are created equally, and a bad twist can ruin a movie. Today we’re looking at the top 5 worst plot twists in movie history: # 5 The Village The Village was his first film that really made audience members question M Night Shyamalan's merits as a storyteller, and while Shyamalan has made worse, The Village makes our list for its twist ruining an otherwise decent movie. Viewers are lead to believe that the movie is set in an 1800’s village surrounded by dangerous monsters, but in Shyamalan style, the twist reveals that the village is actually an isolated community set in modern times. Instead of having bonafide monsters, the Village has cult-members in costumes designed to stop villagers from venturing into the modern world. Years later Shyamalan has said on record that his biggest regret was marketing The Village as a creature feature horror when in reality it was a love story. #4 Now You See Me Being that this heist movie feature magicians, you’d think that pulling off a trick would be easier said than done. Not the case. In Now You See Me a group of magicians are brought together by a mysterious third party to rob banks and mega corporations. The FBI agent in charge of bringing them down, played by Mark Ruffalo, is always two steps behind… or is he? In the movie’s dramatic twist, Mark Ruffalo is revealed to be the orchestrator of the heists, a master of deception that has been fooling the FBI for years. The only problem? Ruffalo’s character shows absolutely zero signs of being the mastermind prior to the reveal and even acts against his true motives constantly throughout the film. Even when he is alone he plays the fool. #3 Dark Knight Rises That’s right we’re putting Batman on the list, or more specifically Robin. Just call him Dick Grayson if you’re gonna do fan service! There’s another twist at the end of The Dark Knight Rises that is also infuriating: Bruce Wayne survives. The Dark Knight trilogy puts emphasis on Batman as a symbol of hope, a symbol that comes at a heavy cost, death being the ultimate cost. And yet Bruce somehow gets to survive a nuclear blast and live happily ever after with Anne Hathaway in France. #2 Planet of the Apes Tim Burton’s 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes was a failure that tried to recapture the magic of the original. In this version Mark Wahlberg plays an astronaut who ends up in a future timeline ruled by Apes, he then leads a slave uprising of humans against apes before heading back to his time. The twist comes after he crash lands back in modern day Washington DC. As Wahlberg ascends the steps of the Lincoln memorial he finds that Lincoln is replaced with the films villain as he is arrested by simian police officers. Tim Burton get’s some points for attempting to change up the statue of liberty twist that the first Planet of the Apes so expertly made, but the execution is horrible and confusing. If Wahlberg was in the future for the majority of the film, how does the past have a monument built in honor of an ape that hasn’t been born yet? Did the ape also time travel and rewrite history? #1 Remember Me Remember Me is a boring forgettable romance story with Robert Pattinson during his peak Twilight era. Pattinson’s character has authority issues and dates a cops daughter to get back at him for an arrest, but surprise, the two fall in love and they help each other deal with their familial baggage. Then comes the big twist. Remember Me goes from artistically offensive to morally offensive when it is revealed that Pattinson’s character is in the World Trade Center on 9/11. It’s bad enough when a character get’s killed out of nowhere to stir an emotional reaction from an audience, but it is another thing entirely to turn a world tragedy into a plot twist. And only 9 years after the event? Sorry Remember Me, surprise 9/11 isn’t a good twist. It’s the very worst. That’s it for our list of the worst plot twists in history, let us know in the comments what plot twists YOU hate.