Cops repeatedly taser man: Crazy Canadian with meat cleaver tased by super polite police - TomoNews

  • 8 years ago
SYDNEY, CANADA — A man armed with a knife was repeatedly tased by cops in broad daylight at a strip mall in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, getting tased only made the man angrier.

Video footage starts with the man holding a meat cleaver being approached by two police officers in the parking lot of a strip mall.

He tells the cops to put their guns away and threatens to throw the cleaver at them.

One of the officers then tases the man, but it doesn’t stop him. In fact, it just makes him angrier and causes him to yell and scream.

The cops hit him with another taser, again, to no effect.

The man finally puts the meat cleaver down, but then raises up his fists like he’s about to fight.

The cops plead with the man to get on the ground to no avail.

The man refuses to get down and then eventually takes off his shirt. He continues to challenging the police the whole time.

The man then runs off across the street into another parking lot while the two cops slowly walk after him.

No word on what finally happened to the man.