INTERVIEW Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends actress Jillian Leigh, director Quincy Rose

8 years ago
Today's Guest: Quincy Rose, director, Jillian Leigh, actress, Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends

QUINCY ROSE podcast excerpt: "My dad, Mickey Rose, and Woody Allen came up together and wrote a lot of comedy together ("Bananas," "Take the Money and Run," "What’s Up Tiger Lily," "The Sid Caesar Show," the "I Shot a Moose" standup routine). And my dad and Garry Marshall ("The Odd Couple," "Happy Days") were in the Army Reserves together. My dad also wrote for Carl Reiner. They were the generation that came from nothing and made it; I am from the generation that came from something all blew it all."

Key interview moments:

• 4:00 Director Quincy Rose talks about how a comedy gets a title such as Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends and the difference between Effing Friends once versus twice;

• 29:40 Actress Jillian Leigh talks about personal sexual situations she prefers her dad not hear about;

• 42:30 Rose, whose godfather is Woody Allen, talks about his dad's writing career spent alongside Allen, Garry Marshall, Carl Reiner and others.

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