Miley Cyrus Inspired Curls and Waves Hair Tutorial

  • 9 years ago
The rest of the pictures here:

Hey guys so today I did a Miley Cyrus Inspired Curls and waves hair tutorial. This is more like wavier /curly version; check out the loose and wavy version on my upcoming video! :)

The curling iron was from my friend. She didn't use it because she was afraid she might get burned. LOL. So she lent to me. It's a Vidal Sassoon curling iron. I don't know how many inches it is. I'm guessing it's probably 1 inch.

I placed a heat protectant serum on my hair to protect it from the heat. I actually prefer using this because it adds shine to your hair and you curls are more manageable.

Forgive my annoyingness sometimes. LOL.

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