Shooters Ep8

  • 9 years ago
As summer approaches people are working hard to get in shape. These days there are so many ways to get fit, whether it's running at the gym or doing pilates or yoga. There are also countless trendy diets and supplements to help people get the body of their dreams. But are we taking it too far? Do people join the fitness craze to get fit, or to only look fit? As people get even crazier about the fitness craze, many of its dangers are cropping up. Some people are spending so much on fitness that in Seoul, a new term called "fitness poor" has been invented to describe the phenomenon. Others find themselves addicted to exercise and overly paranoid about every aspect of their health. All of this suggests that the fitness craze may not be as good for us as we might think. So this week, Shooters asks, "The fitness craze: will it really make you fitter?"