Aitraaf , Teaser 2, Official HD Video, 10 March 2021

3 years ago
Story :
Aitraaf is a deeply moving story of a young woman trapped in a home that is nothing more than a prison, a father who can not even spare a moment of love for his daughters. An older sister, who cares only about her self, and is willing to destroy her sister for the sake of her own happiness. It is a story of the lengths that people go to for greed, and the patience of people who believe in the good that will come to them.

Tagline: Love comes to those who deserve it. Despair comes to those who try to destroy it.

Starring Sajid Hassan, Adnan Siddiqui, Momal Sheikh, Jana Malik, Badar Khalil, Sumbul Shahid, Saba Faisal, Adnan Shah Tipu, Ahson Talish and Others.

Directed by Sina Ali Saim
S.M Abbas & Masood Present