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Zaban e khalq
I am happy that we did not teach our children to torture the officers | Why did they stop giving electric bikes?... Maryam Nawaz's sarcastic laugh at the High Court judge decision... The students standing nearby were also embarrassed... Chief Minister Mar
5 days ago
Who is this Rana Sanaullah?...all the fault is of one person...don't say who are you?...Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa Brahm
12 days ago
Extension of tenure of Chief Justice Qazi faiz esa | There should be no extension of any judge... Extension of tenure of Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa?.. PTI seats were picked up and given to other parties... We didn't have election symbol but still 180. We
13 days ago
وردیاں اتاروں چوزیاں پہنوں | Take off the uniforms and put on the bangles... After the elder brother and the younger brother... the entry of the middle brothers
14 days ago
خواجہ سراوں کا چھکا اور گیند بانڈری سے باہر | The eunuchs' six and the ball outside Bandri... After the Bahalingar incident, the eunuchs entered the Khariyan police station and took the police hostage and brought them to the roads.
14 days ago
The big surprise of Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamaat-e-islami? | The big surprise of Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamaat-e-Islami?... Human rights are being badly violated... The alliance of Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamaat-e-Islami?... Asad Qaiser and Hafiz Naeemur Rehman
14 days ago
Maryam Nawaz reached the homes to give free medicines | I am now going to give medicines to the people at their homes... Maryam Nawaz reached the homes to give free medicines... Punjab government will deliver free medicines to two lakh patients at home.
15 days ago
The real criminals of May 9 must have been punished | The real culprits of May 9 must have been punished... PTI leader Azam Swati entry into Punjab... Zartaj Gul and Azam Swati dangerous statement
15 days ago
Don't Make The Law Of Jungle In This Country | Don't make the law of jungle in this country... Imran Khan has given economic stability... Imran Khan has to give real freedom to the nation... The establishment has contacted you... Can Tehreek-e-Insaf resig
19 days ago
Imran Khan And Imran Khan Party And This Nation Have Note Give Up | Imran Khan and Imran Khan's party and this nation have not given up. Standing with Pakistan... Imran Khan ready for negotiations? Ali Muhammad Khan broke the silence
20 days ago
Big News For Bushra Bibi | Big news for Bushra Bibi... The name of an important person was taken in the full court... Judge Babar Sattar showed stars during the day.
20 days ago
Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Train Long March | Train March of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf... Large number of workers of Tehreek-e-Insaf participated in the march... People received large numbers of people everywhere
21 days ago
Ali Amin Gandapur Langague And Style Is That Of Bullies | Ali Amin Gandapur language and style is that of bullies... If you want to fight Maryam Nawaz, then do it in performance... Everything can be done in Maryam Nawaz dictionary... Uzma Bukhari co
21 days ago
Imran Khan will be taken with him | It is not possible to keep Imran Khan in jail anymore... his roots have been shaken... those people who are saluting him instead of putting him in jails should listen... If we don't get our right, then they will overthr
23 days ago
Maryam Nawaz Wears Police UniForm And Visit Passing Parade | Maryam Nawaz wears police uniform... police passing parade kamaina... participation as special guest... wearing police uniform makes me realize... what a big responsibility... my tears stood up.
24 days ago
The enemy has lost and we have won | Imran Khan is going to come out soon and become the prime minister... The enemy has lost and we have won... Good news is coming... Is the Saudi government involved in bringing down Imran Khan government?... Protest m
last month
Imran Khan family is also imprisoned | A 10 feet glass has been installed between Imran Khan and us... We have tried to communicate with Imran Khan using signs... Imran Khan family is also imprisoned?... Who was Imran Khan gesturing to in jail? ? Alarmi
last month
Imran Khan Told The Date Of His Release From Jail | Imran Khan told the date of his release from jail... Imran Khan is going to be punished in another case... Lawyer Salman Safdar exposed the big plan as soon as he came out of the court.. Salman Safdar an
last month
Ali Amin Gandapur Ko Kon se Offer Di Gai | If I can't follow my orders, I will leave the chair... Great progress in the release of Imran Khan, Ali Amin Gandapur big offer... The game suddenly changed. The categorical announcement of Chief Minister KP Al
last month
Maryam Nawaz And Nawaz Sharif Visit To Oven | Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif visit to the oven... bread is not worth 20 rupees... you have to buy it for 16 rupees, don't pay more than 16 rupees... write it down
last month
is this cipher case over | Is the cipher case over? Imran Khan release... Captain lawyer Salman Safdar and Umar Ayub announced the good news
last month
Army And People fight Face To Face | Army and people fight face to face... 2 incidents happened today... Islamabad Airport. A new cut has opened... When the strength of power increases, they kill their oppressed people... Their time is near now... Pakist
last month
SHO along with other policemen raided a house... Women were beaten and ransacked... All other details are in this video. In the words of I also have other detailed videos of the actual incident
last month
Pak Army And Bhawalpur Pilice Fight Full Video | Full video of the fight between Pakistan Army and Bahawalnagar Punjab Police.. IG Punjab is not holding a press conference today to claim that the law breakers in Bahawalnagar are being tortured.. Are there
last month
A Pakistani brother died in Saudi Arabia and was buried in Jannat al-Baqi... how to bury him in Jannat-ul-Baqi... this dead body belongs to a lucky Pakistani.
last month
Italy tourists pr punjab ka tashadud | Punjab Police violence on Italian tourists... on which tourists made a documentary on the corruption and mischief of the regular Punjab Police
last month
faisal sabzwari ne peoples party ki chitrol kr Di | Must be the interior minister, but. Sahib, open your eyes before you open your mouth... Faisal Sabzwari rained down on the Peoples Party
last month
Police And Lawyer Fight Each Other | ATC Court Police Vs Lawyer... Police and lawyer fight each other
last month
Sher Afzal Marwat Ko Side Pr Kiya ja raha hai | Gohar Sahib Sher Afzal Marwat is being sidelined... Some people are distracting me and I will tell Khan... Heat during the press conference
last month
Power Sirf ALLAH Ki Zat Ke Hath Main Hai | Power is only in the hands of Allah... Harsh questions from journalists to Hamza Shehbaz... Deaf World Cup winning cricket team received in CM office... Maryam Nawaz awarded lakhs of rupees to the players.
last month