Zero Addiction,No Addiction,Quit alcohol,Quit somking Quit drugs

  • 11 years ago
Zero Addiction is persistent use of mood-altering substances (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.) under uncontrolled urge to use them despite knowing the repercussions. The state is also known as dependency. This urge, if not attended in time both psychologically and physiologically, starts affecting social, behavioral, and medical well being of the addict. The repercussions may include, but not be limited to, dreadful diseases like cancer and/or organ failure, gross and fine neuromotor dysfunction, impaired cognitive ability, psycho social neglect, and in some cases even death.

No addiction is a herbal anti addiction treatment to induce reluctance towards habit forming substances like drugs alcohol tobacco smoking etc. It is an ideal remedy for people wanting to quit alcohol quit smoking and quit drugs.For more detail call us.9229100256