Justin Bieber throws up during concert video vomit

  • 12 years ago
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Justin Bieber vomited during the first show of his Believe tour in Glendale, Arizona. Looks like even Biebs becomes ill when he hears his music!

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A video titled Justin Bieber Throwing Up (BEST VIEW) - Believe Tour Arizona showing footage of Justin Bieber throwing up quickly went viral. After puking on stage, Bieber quickly ran off while his dancers continued to perform. Critics of the pop idol pointed out that his singing continued even when he was not singing.

Justin Bieber blames the vomit-sesh on drinking too much milk before the show. Local radio personalities Johnjay Van Es and Rich Barra, who were hanging out with Bieber backstage before the show, said Bieber was eating nachos and drinking Gatorade and appeared weak.

Bieber threw up twice more (backstage) but was still able to continue the show. He asked his fans, "Will you love me even though I'm throwing up on stage?" Of course they would.