Ernie Els - Learn From Ernie Els Golf Swing

  • 12 years ago
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Ernie Els

We all want that effortless swing don't we? Most people do but they have no clue how it's done or how to get it. With these Ernie Els golf swing tips you can learn what he's thinking as he makes that effortless golf swing.

When people look at Ernie Els swing video everyone wonders how he hits the ball so far with what looks like so little effort. Although it looks like he a swinging easy, he's actually putting a lot of power into turning his body. In doing so, his body tells his arms how fast to swing.

You'll see that Ernie Els arms aren't swinging faster than his body is moving. This is what gives him that slow easy look. If he was swinging hard at the ball it sure would look at lot faster. Just try it. Stand up and outstretch your arm. Turn your body left and right and you will see you arm move without you moving it. The move only your arm. You will see that using only your body makes the arm swing slower. In essence, this is what Ernie's doing and that is what you'll learn from Ernie Els golf swing.

So where does the power actually come from? The power comes from the wrists. Because the wrists are loose they create a whipping action that generates the clubhead speed. The faster you turn the body the faster the wrists whip. If you want that effortless looking swing listen to what Ernie Els has to say in this tip and incorporate it into your own swing.