Woman unlocks new level of 'unbothered' by falling asleep at an outdoor music festival

  • 17 days ago
One might be able to achieve anything they desire if they can be at least 50% as dedicated to their goal as the star of this clip is when it comes to getting a good nap.

Shared by Sam, this chucklesome video shows a woman tuning out everyone and everything around her to enjoy a comfy sleep... while attending an outdoor electronic music festival.

"Found her fast asleep at Ultra Bali festival," the filmer commented.

The insanely loud music echoing through the place, along with dazzling lights, doesn't bother the subject one bit as she continues to enjoy the rave happening in her dreams instead of the one unfolding in real life.
Location: Bali, Indonesia
WooGlobe Ref : WGA665937
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