WWE Is Going To Have To Leave Some Really Big Names Off The WrestleMania 40 Card

  • 25 days ago
We’re barely more than a month away from WrestleMania 40, and a lot of the matches are starting to come into focus. Only the four World Title contests have been officially announced at this point, but WWE is also being pretty obvious with some of the other puzzle pieces including Jimmy And Jey Uso, Awesome Truth and Judgment Day, AJ Styles and LA Knight and Logan Paul, Randy Orton and maybe KO. Gunther will also obviously get a prime spot on the card and will defend The Intercontinental Championship, though his opponent is less clear, and it’s been heavily rumored and hinted at on screen that we’re going to get Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes vs The Rock and Roman Reigns in a tag match.

Altogether, it’s shaping up to be one of the most stacked and exciting cards in WrestleMania history, but it’s also presenting a really obvious numbers problem for WWE. If you only count the matches I referenced above, that’s 10 slots that are pretty close to locked in for ‘Mania. Last year, if you don’t count The Miz’s two unannounced comedy fights, there were 13 matches on the card. If you remove Vince McMahon’s unannounced match from WrestleMania 38, there were 15 matches that year. The year before that at WrestleMania 37, there were 14 matches. That range seems to be the sweet spot WWE likes, and given The Rock is involved this year and likely to get a significant amount of time, it’s hard to think Triple H and company are going to push for more than usual.