Travis Kelce Reacts to KC Chiefs Super Bowl Ring Typo: ‘Makes It More Exclusive’

  • 19 days ago
Travis Kelce recently addressed the typo discovered on the Kansas City Chiefs' $40,000 Super Bowl ring with his trademark nonchalance. Last week, the Chiefs unveiled the intricate design of the players' rings, featuring elements like the game-winning play, player signatures, and an impressive array of diamonds. However, keen-eyed observers noticed an error in the seeding of the team's postseason rivals, particularly the Miami Dolphins, who were incorrectly labeled as the 7th seed instead of the 6th. Kelce, speaking on the Kelce brothers' podcast, expressed his indifference to the mistake, stating, "Who cares?" He humorously suggested that the blunder adds to the ring's uniqueness, emphasizing that such details ultimately don't matter.