2024’s Most Overpriced Sandwich Chains

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2024’s Most Overpriced , Sandwich Chains.
The days of $5 footlongs are a distant memory.
Higher food and labor costs are causing sandwich prices to rise, and customers aren't happy about it.
Customers took to social media to vent about the prices at these six sandwich chains, according to 'Eat This, Not That!'.
Subway, "I bought a Subway Sandwich for 21 bucks,"
said a customer on Reddit. .
Quality was always dubious but it managed to barely scrape by in the price-quality ratio curve. Now they are charging for them as if they were real subs, Subway customer, via Reddit.
Panera, A first-time customer was "absolutely floored
at the cost," according to 'Eat This, Not That!'.
I got a sandwich, cup of soup (the buy two combo), and chai tea. It was $28. Then I tipped.
So $30 for all that. Never again, Panera customer, via Reddit.
Firehouse Subs, People on social media say they have
paid between $15 and $18 for a sandwich.
Jimmy John's, "The other day I bought a slim 1 and a slim 4
with cheese. $17.50," a Redditor said. .
Jersey Mike's, Amid mixed reactions, one customer argued, "If you're
paying $17 for a sandwich at Jersey Mike's, then you are
getting a giant, which is absolutely enough for two meals.".
Potbelly, Last month, a customer took to X to write, "just left
@Potbelly and it was expensive trash with little to no meat
on it compared to @jerseymikes or @DiBellasSubs so sad."