From Silent Era To 1990s - Veteran Actor Jairaj’s Rare & Heartwarming Interview

  • last month
In a Throwback Podcast with Lehren Retro, veteran star P. Jairaj expressed that movies made in the Indian Film Industry during his era were highly inspired & learnt by American Films. He also praised the actors working in the same including Douglas Fairbanks, Richard Talmadge, Eddie Polo, Paul White & others. Jairaj also elaborated about his contemporaries like Sulochana, D. Billimoria, Gohar Mamajiwala, P.K Raja Sandow, Mehtab & Durga Khote in a much respectful manner. The film star revealed portraying the main lead role in 165 movies out of the 300 movies in which he acted in. The Raj Mukut fame legend revealed that actors in those times used to garner more love and affection from fans & fraternity despite the money being involved was comparatively less. He additionally discussed about the evolution in movies and camera techniques in the cinematic world.