Carrie Coon and Shea Whigham on Being Screen Partners at the World Premiere of Lake George

  • 29 days ago
The cast and crew of Lake George joined us on the red carpet for the film's world premiere Sunday at the SVA Theatre in New York City. We spoke to stars Carrie Coon, Shea Whigham, Max Casella, Keri Safran, Troy Metcalf, and Joey Oglesby about the film and what it was like working with this all star lineup. Directed by Jeffrey Reiner, Lake George is a dark comedy that follows the story of Phyllis (Carrie Coon) and Don (Shea Whigham) and their plot for revenge on a group of mobsters who want Phyllis dead and hired Don to get the job done. This tale of a deviant duo is a thrilling and comedic neo-noir in which Coon and Whigham give masterclass performances. Audiences are sure to be enthralled.