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First Gruesome Gameplay Trailer for Upcoming Co-op Action/Horror Shooter, Killing Floor 3 - Coming Early 2025 to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S!

Killing Floor 3’s gameplay trailer introduces the first three new playable Nightfall specialists including the highly-anticipated return of fan-favorite commando, Mr. Foster. Each specialist comes complete with their own unique set of skills and proficiencies giving them and their team an edge in combat, including an arsenal of fully customizable weapons and deadly cutting-edge military gadgets. Maps in Killing Floor 3 come to life with new levels of verticality and traversability and, when combined with advancements in player movement such as dashing and climbing, and the addition of deadly environmental traps, give specialists new strategies to adapt and survive. Horzine’s Zeds have been redesigned for maximum destruction, and with enhancements in weaponry, movement, AI, and enemy behavior, their new methods of terminating specialists are more gruesome and effective than ever. And finally, for the first time fans can feast their eyes on one of Horzine’s latest creations: The Impaler.

The Battle Begins with Nightfall in Killing Floor 3
Killing Floor 3 is the next installment in the legendary co-op action/horror FPS series. The year is 2091, 70 years after the events in Killing Floor 2, and megacorp Horzine has produced the ultimate army: an obedient horde of bio-engineered monstrosities called Zeds. Now, the only thing standing between these infernal creations and the future of humanity is the rebel rogue group known as Nightfall. This intense first-person shooter puts players in the role of a Nightfall specialist, joining forces with up to five teammates as they battle through a war-ravaged, dystopian future, surviving unrelenting waves of Zeds, unlocking new skills, and building the ultimate arsenal.

Developed and published by Tripwire Interactive, Killing Floor 3 is currently in development for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), the PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X|S and is now available for wishlisting on all storefronts. Additional product information will be released at a later date.

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