Ryan Gosling Did A Lot Of His Own Stunts For 'The Fall Guy,' But There Was One Eva Mendes Absolutely 'Wouldn't Let Him' Do

  • last month
People are loving Ryan Gosling’s "The Fall Guy" for being a touching tribute to the stunt community. David Leitch's big-screen adaptation of the classic Lee Majors-led show really goes all in on the action. The Oscar-nominated leading man had four stunt performers doubling for him in the movie, Gosling did perform a few stunts of his own. However, his life partner, Eva Mendes, “wouldn’t let him” do one particular stunt, and I honestly can’t blame her.

According to NPR the Notebook actor performed a fight scene inside a spinning garbage bin on the street and surfed on a metal plate dragged by a truck. Those two endeavors alone are quite impressive.