Watch Keanu Reeves Throw Down His Nunchucks In Frustration During Grueling 'John Wick' Action Scene

  • last month
The "John Wick" movies are well known for their action sequences and well known for the amount of work that Keanu Reeves puts in to make "John Wick" look like the unstoppable assassin that he is supposed to be. By the fourth movie, you might think that it’s all getting easy for him, but a new behind-the-scenes feature shows that isn’t quite the case.

"John Wick: Chapter 4" looks to up the ante of the action in a new feature posted to YouTube we get to see some of the work being put into that. This includes a sequence where Keanu fights with a set of nunchucks, which is a weapon we haven’t seen "John Wick" use before, and the video shows him getting frustrated when he’s unable to get the fight choreography down. Check it out here.