Donald Trump Risks Facing Repercussions if He Appeals Felony Sentencing

  • last month
In a recent development, Judge Juan Merchan has set the sentencing date for Donald Trump's conviction on 34 felony counts for July 11. However, if the former president decides to appeal, it could result in a process that will backfire on him. Trump's legal team is unlikely to accept anything less than having the entire case dismissed. Based on how the appeals process works in New York, any ruling on a filing made by Trump's lawyers would probably be delayed, with a ruling not expected until just before the election. This delay could disrupt Trump's election plans and give him a taste of his own medicine since he has often employed delay tactics in the past to slow down legal actions against him. Ultimately, as the legal process unfolds, the former president may find himself experiencing how it feels being on the other end. We will keep you updated on everything happening in the political world, on Fan Reviews News.