"I started having contractions at Taylor Swift gig and danced through the pain"

  • last month
A mum went into labour half way through a Taylor Swift gig but managed to dance through the pain - and hold off giving birth for days.

Jenn Gutierrez, 31, was 38 weeks pregnant when she flew 412 miles from Canberra, Australia, to Melbourne, to see her favourite artist perform.

Despite being just two weeks away from her due date Jenn knew nothing would stop her getting to the Era's Tour with her husband, Michael Sin, 31, a public servant, and her twin sister, Dani, 31.

But an hour in, during Taylor's Reputation set Jenn suddenly started having contractions.

The contractions continued for the rest of the gig but Jenn managed to keep dancing and singing through them.

They stopped after she got back to the hotel and she managed to fly back home the next morning.

She gave birth to her daughter, now two months, a few days later in February 2024.

Jenn, a executive assistant, said: "They started during the Reputation set.

"I thought 'I'm not going anywhere. If this baby comes she coming out now'.

"The contractions got progressively worse.

"In the Midnights set I thought 'OMG, I'm going to have this baby right now'."

Jenn and Dani have always been big Taylor Swift fans and couldn't believe it when they bagged $600 AUD VIP tickets on the third day of ticket releases in November 2024.

Jenn said: "We were doing the maths and we didn't think I was going to be that pregnant initially.

"We then realised we were cutting it close."

Jenn was cleared to fly six days before the show but had been prepared to do the eight-hour drive if not.

She said: "We were adamant about going.

"No way we were going to miss the show."

Jenn, Michael and Dani and her husband flew out on the morning of the show and got glammed up in cowboy boots and sparkles.

Jenn suddenly felt the contractions starting an hour in.

She said: "I was so shocked. I was a bit taken back.

"My twins sister was next to me monitoring me.

"My husband was keeping an eye on my heart rate on my Apple watch.

"I hope the girls behind me didn't think I'm not a real Swifty because I kept sitting down.

"It was a euphoric experience."

By the end of the show Jenn was struggling to stand and walk.

She said: "I felt the baby on its way out because she was so low.

"Imagine standing for three hours with a bowling ball between your legs.

"I waddles out of the stadium."

Jenn got an Uber back to her hotel and managed to ease her contractions after she had calmed down.

She said: "I sat with my legs up on the bed."

The group flew back the next morning.

Jenn said: "I said ' you can come' as soon as we touched down."

Jenn gave birth a few days later to a "happy" and "healthy" baby girl weighing 7lbs 7oz.

She said: "The first song she listened to was Fearless by Taylor Swift.

"She is an imbedded Swiftie."