Tourist spots RHINO walking down the street while dining in Nepal

  • last month
A globetrotting student shared her "most surreal" travelling experience - spotting a RHINO wandering down the street while she had a meal.

Silke Hoekstra, 24, couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted a RHINO strolling down a busy street in Nepal.

The huge animal seemed completely unbothered by the busy, bustling environment in Chitwan National Park.

The video, filmed in January 2021, shows the bizarre sight.

Silke, a film student, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was travelling around South Asia at the time.

Despite being a keen traveller, and having explored many countries, three years on this moment remains a "core memory".

Silke said: "I was having dinner with a friend at this restaurant, in this small town which had one main street.

"We had been talking about an article my mum sent me about a rhino that walked through the town.

"I had told my friend I was sad I had missed it - thinking it was a one-time appearance.

"Then a waiter ran over and told us we needed to go and see the rhino outside.

"There he was, casually strolling down this loud busy road full of cars and people.

"We had been on a safari the day before where the guide had warned us rhinos can be dangerous - and here one was just two metres from us.

"It was just walking around like it didn't have a care in the world.

"It's been a core memory for me - it was insane.

"I've seen a lot of cool things while travelling but this was one of the most surreal encounters I've had."