Whoopi Goldberg Took Personal Offense After Former 'The View' Co-Star Joy Behar Explained Why She Was 'Happy' To Be Fired

  • last month
Sometimes the best thing about a job is the friendships you make at work. It’s nice — if not necessary — to have people who understand what you go through for a good chunk of the waking hours of your day. The recently re-signed ladies of "The View" certainly seem to know the power of a good work bestie, and that’s why moderator Whoopi Goldberg got a little bit in her feelings on a recent episode of the ABC talk show, after longtime co-host Joy Behar said she was “happy” she was fired from the series in 2013, because all her friends had left.

In discussion about how the pandemic and working remotely has affected people’s ability to have a work best friend, Joy Behar offered her strong opinion to her colleagues on "The View." She stated that if she didn’t have friends at work, she did not want to be there anymore.