Lorde Praises Charli XCX’s ‘BRAT’ on Instagram

  • last month
Lorde just took to Instagram to gush over Charli XCX’s newest album, ‘BRAT’, sharing that it’s the only album she’s ever pre-saved. On February 28th, Charli XCX announced ‘BRAT’ and revealed its cover art, featuring a blurry photo with simple text reading "brat" on a green background. The cover received immediate backlash online, with users criticizing its design, prompting Charli XCX to respond by condemning the constant demand for women's bodies and faces in album artwork as misogynistic and boring. Despite the mixed reactions to the cover, the music on ‘BRAT’ has been receiving rave reviews from fans and fellow celebrities alike. Most notably, Lorde shared the album cover on Instagram, praising the album's unique qualities and expressing admiration for Charli's artistry, stating, "There is NO ONE like this b*tch."