Revealing a Secret on NBC's Chicago Med

  • last month
Immerse yourself in the intensity of the “Revealing a Secret” clip from NBC's gripping medical drama, Chicago Med. In Season 9, viewers are drawn into the high-stakes world of the Chicago Med team as they navigate complex medical cases and personal challenges. This season highlights the exceptional storytelling of creators Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, known for Law & Order. Featuring a stellar cast including Oliver Platt, Steven Weber, Jessy Schram and more, Chicago Med delivers heart-pounding action and an emotional rollercoaster. Catch the latest episodes of Chicago Med Season 9, now streaming on Peacock!

Chicago Med Cast:

Marlyne Barrett, S. Epatha Merkerson, Oliver Platt, Lorena Diaz, Courtney Rioux, Dominic Rains, Jeremy Shouldis, Steven Weber, Cesar Jaime, Marie Tredway, Luke Mitchell, Henderson Wade and Jessy Schram

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