Cat catches live rabbit and brings it home

  • last month
A woman was shocked when her pet cat returned home with a live rabbit in its jaws.

Louise, 33, had just woken up from a lie-in when she found her eight-year-old rescue pet Gizmo with a bunny in his mouth.

Louise first thought it was a teddy bear but quickly realised it was in fact a live rabbit.

Video shows Gizmo holding the rabbit by the scruff of its neck in his mouth - the same way cats carry their kittens.

Louise, who lives in Fife, Scotland, said: "It's not the first time Gizmo's brought something back.

"He's brought back birds and mice before but never a rabbit!

"I think you can hear me start panicking as soon as I realised it was a live animal, telling Gizmo off."

As Gizmo ran downstairs, he dropped the rabbit under the sofa, which is when Louise was able to grab her pet cat and put him outside.

Unsure of what to do next, she called the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) for their advice on how to proceed.

Louise said: "They said to just keep the rabbit safe and keep an eye on it for a couple hours and let it go if it was still alive.

"I wrapped the rabbit up in a blanket and put it into a basket in my house for a couple hours.

"It looked fine, so I let it go in a nearby grassy area like the SSPCA suggested.

"When he first came back in, Gizmo was looking for the rabbit in the last place he saw it.

"After a while, he just forgot and I'm sure he's on to the next, smaller target."