"I create stylish doll's houses for adults - rooms takes up to two months to make"

  • 2 months ago
A woman creates stylish doll's houses for adults complete with modern tiny furniture - with each room taking up to two months to make.

Beth Krum, 52, first fell in love with the idea of miniature things from childhood after seeing her neighbour's doll's house.

She became "obsessed" and would make tiny accessories for her Barbie dolls - and her love for all things miniature stayed with her into adulthood.

But Beth didn't get her first doll's house until she was in her late 30s and a mum of three - when she finally asked for a flat-pack Victorian cottage for her birthday.

She set to work designing and decorating the interior - first ordering tiny furniture before beginning to make her own.

Before long she had learnt to make all her own furniture - from tiny cushions to tiny toilets and and even a tiny fridge with a working light.

She began selling her hand-made furniture and taking commissions for whole rooms from other miniature enthusiasts - which can cost up to £3k and take up to two months to make.

Now it's her full-time job - but Beth said it doesn't feel like she's working at all, because she considers it her "passion".